Hindi Vowels | How to pronounce Hindi Vowels

Hindi vowels

Hindi Vowels | How to pronounce Hindi Vowels

हिंदी के स्वर  Hindi Vowels :

  • अ a and आ आ aa
  • इ i and ई ee
  • उ u and ऊ oo
  •  ए e and ऐ ai
  •  ओ o and औ au
  •  ऋ ri
  • ऋ ri  not used so much, but you should know it for fluency


अ a and आ aa

say with little bit open mouth :   (a)       as    a

 (a) is pronounced as a first Hindi vowel, basically complete the pronunciation of any Hindi alphabet character like in

kamal कमल   for  क  and   म

More Exercise :

Some words that starts with अ a?

  1.   अच्छा acchaa means ‘good’. Can you see the अ in this word? check Where is that? Yes that’s correct, in the beginning! अच्छा acchaa means good! 
  2. नमस्ते namaste – Hello
  3.  सस्ता  sasta – cheap

say it loud with open mouth :   aa


is pronounced as a second Hindi vowel, basically

आ its  ‘T’ part is used to construct other word, aa is  the pronunciation of any Hindi alphabet character like in   आना (aana) आओ(aao) आप(aap) 

More Exercise :

Some words that starts with  aa

  • आग aag    means fire
  • आना (aana)  means come
  • आओ(aao)  means come
  • आप(aap)  means you
  • आन aana
  • example of some word uses aa ‘T’ Matraa :
    • नाम naam – Name
    • काम  kaam – work
    • शाम  shaam -evening

इ i  –  ि

इ i has pronunciation as the i in the English word pit or hit

Some words that starts with इ i

  • इक्कीस ikkees 21
  • इंकार  inkaar  – refuse
  • इंक ink – ink
  • with uses
  •  चिड़िया ciriyaa – Bird
  • पुरिया  puriya – sachet

  ī , ee, ei , ey –  ी

has pronunciation as the ee in the English word see or seat

 (ī) is like sound in see

  • ईख eikh – Fresh Sugarcane
  • with uses
  • सीख seekh – lesson
  • तीन  teen – 3
  • बिल्ली billee -cat
  • साड़ी saaree – mostly spelt Saree


उ u   – ु

उ u  sound like in  put , should

word start with उ u

  • उल्टा  ulta opposite
  • उनका  unka -thier
  • उधर  udhar – there
  • using word
  • पुष्प pusp – flower
  • पुनः punah – again
  • उल्लू ulloo -owl

  ऊ oo –    ू

word start with   ऊ oo

  • ऊन  oon – woolen yarn
  • ऊपर oopar – above indication
  • ऊँट oont – camel
  • फूल phool
  • पूल pool  -pool

ए e  े

word start with ए e

  • एक ek – 1
  • कुत्ते kutte – Dogs



word start with  ai 

  • ऐसा  aisa – in a such way
  • ऐनक ainak – Spectacles 
  • पैसा paisaa means ‘money’
  • कैसा  kaisa  – how

ओ o –  ो

word start with ओ o –  ो

  • ओन  – own
  • ओफ्फ off
  • सोना sonaa
  • दो do – two 2

 au  – ौ

     औ au  – ौ   word start with

  • औरत aurat – lady/ Woman
  • कौन kaun – who


ऋ ṛi –   ृ

the letter ऋ ṛi is only ever found in words with Sanskrit origin

कृपया kṛipayaa – please

ऋ ṛi in कृपया kṛipayaa – Please


Hindi Vowels | How to pronounce Hindi Vowels

Do practice : say it loud

vowel practice with ka
vowel practice with ka

आई, गए, आएगी, जाएँगे, OR आयी, गये, आयेगी, जायेंगे

you can do practice for other character also …


you can do typing practice in hindi without worrying to know hindi